Kalahari Desert

Unspoilt Kalahari scenery - the land of the San with an abundance of game, wide open spaces, cattle farming, traditional villages.

The Kalahari Basin was part of the great inland lake that covered much of the central region of southern Africa thousands of years ago and as the region began to dry up and rivers lost their source they quickly became the dry depressions that are evident in the Central Kalahari today.

The Kalahari Desert is a large semi-arid sandy savanna in Southern Africa extending for 900,000 square kilometres (350,000 sq mi), covering much of Botswana, parts of Namibia and regions of South Africa.

Kalahari is derived from the Tswana word Kgala, meaning "the great thirst", or Kgalagadi, meaning "a waterless place”; the Kalahari has vast areas covered by red sand without any permanent surface water.

Drainage of the desert is by dry valleys, seasonally inundated pans and the large salt pans of the Makgadikgadi Pan in Botswana and Etosha Pan in Namibia. The only permanent river, the Okavango, flows into a delta in the northwest, forming marshes that are rich in wildlife. Ancient dry riverbeds—called omuramba—traverse the central northern reaches of the Kalahari and provide standing pools of water during summer.

The Kalahari may well be known to some as the land of drying rivers, and this does portray a sense of desolation at times but within this seemingly stark environment is an ecosystem supporting a wide variety of fascinating species.

Destination 32: Kalkrand

Destination 33: Khaudum

Destination 34: Gobabis

Destination 35: Kalahari East

Destination 36: Dordabis / Nauas/ Uhlenhorst

Destination 37: Mariental

Destination 38: Red Kalahari

Destination 39: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Destination 40: Hochfeld

Destination 41: Okavango Delta

Destination 42: Central Kalahari

Destination 74: Ghanzi

Destination 75: Kang

Destination 76: Nata

Destination 78: Makgadikgadi Pans

Destination 80: Dune Kalahari

Destination 81: Ancient Kalahari

Destination 112: Hwange National Park

Destination 115: Khwai

Destination 116: Botswana Panhandle

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