Where To Stay Travel Planner Strategy Executive Summary

Our Marketing Strategy Objective is to influence frequent active travellers from around the globe to dream about, plan and visit our wonderful South Western Africa Region.  The region includes Namibia, Botswana and Cape To Namibia Routes, including Cape West Coast, Namaqualand, Green Kalahari and the Northern Cape Transfrontier Parks shared with Namibia and Botswana. 

Our Region is one of those rare Scenic Rich, Wilderness Destinations which can be explored even in our modern day society.

Therefore we have designed an Itinerary Planner enabling visitors to use endless Itinerary options (by road or fly in) to visit new destinations every day on vacation. 

All our Marketing platforms  are designed to influence the individual and / or group traveller in such a way that they can make a wide range of choices on the mode of Travel, Services required, as well as the combination of destinations to be visited.

The very rich visual content strategy provides a wealth of free information and trip planning functionality to be explored at leisure long before any decision is made to visit our region.

With no obligation whatsoever the potential traveller or travel trade can fully use our travel planner portal to choose routes, destinations, attractions (1700 websites) before any commitments or personal information is required. 

Once decided on our region for the next trip, we aim to make the final booking stages as smooth as possible with a wide range of automated and other booking options to choose from.

Every advertiser is then permanently exposed to our ever increasing potential traveler audience. 

International and National marketing and promotion of all our advertisers of our core focus areas in Namibia and Routes into from Botswana and Cape Town.

We provide world wide Travel Planning assistance to the tour and travel trade( tour operators, travel agents, booking offices etc, and Retail (booking portals, individual travellers, ext) using a leading edge Website, E-Books, Apps, Social Media, Printed Media platforms and Technology.

Our marketing efforts constantly create and build an ever increasing potential and returning Traveler audience where every one of our advertiser's information is open, transparent and freely available and ready for the international and local trade, booking portals, corporate and individual business.


  1. Yearly Edition of Where to Stay Printed TRAVEL PLANNER GUIDE as per ad size.
  2. Integral part of the ONLINE TRAVEL PLANNER Functionality to assist in travel times, maps and directions to and from the different Lodges, Guesthouses, National Parks, Activities and Services on
  3. The Where To Stay EBOOK hosted on our own Website.
  4. Your own SECURE MICRO SITE, NAMED and indexed by Google to improve your organic search with all your contact info as well as click through functionality to your own real time reservation system, portals that you are linked to for direct bookings , providing statistics on ALL micro site visits and BOOKINGS.
  5. Travel App with handy "find near me" and Offline functionality to improve last minute and activity bookings , especially in urban areas.
  6. International TOUR OPERATOR marketing includes Trade Shows and a yearly Road Show including 4 countries in search for new tour operators.
  7. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS facebook, instagram, google+, Pinterest and twitter.

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