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The Kaokoland area extends south-north from the Hoanib river to the Kunene It is largely mountainous, with the northern Baynes Mountains reaching the maximum elevation at 2039 m. Other notable mountain ranges of Kaokoland include the Otjihipa Mountains (to the north) and the Hartmann Mountains (to the east)

The area is one of the wildest and least populated areas in Namibia, with a population density of one person every 2 kmĀ² (1/4 of the national average). The most represented ethnic group is the Himba people, who account for about 5,000 of the overall 16,000 inhabitants of Kaokoland. The main settlement in Kaokoland was the city of Opuwo.

Kaokoland is one of the last remaining wilderness areas in Southern Africa. It is a world of incredible mountain scenery, home of the desert dwelling elephant, black rhino and giraffe and the Himba people. The rugged landscape is especially attractive during the early morning and late afternoon when it is transformed into softly glowing pastel shades. 

The south of the area is characterised by rugged mountains with a number of watercourses, but north the scenery is dominated by table-top koppies. The well-known Epupa Falls with a massive water drop of 60m is a popular destination in this region. Visits to the local Himba tribes offer an insight into their uniquely adapted lifestyle.

Zone 63: Brandberg

  • Highest mountain in Namibia (2574m)
  • World famous white lady paintings
  • Paintings 2000 - 4000 years old

Zone 64: Twyfelfontein

  • World heritage site
  • Massive open air gallery with more than 2000 rock engravings
  • Unique rock engravings

Zone 65: Vingerklip

  • Ugab Vingerklip (35m)
  • Ugab terraces

Zone 66: Petrified Forest

  • Petrified Forest
  • Huge trees turned to stone 280 million years ago
  • Broken into segments but aligned (45m long and 1.2 m thick)
  • Explore ancient sites
  • The largest accumulation of petrified logs in Southern Africa
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Scenic Routes

  • Zone 67: Palmwag / Sesfontein

    • Oasis in the desert
    • Hot springs
    • Desert elephants

    Zone 69: Opuwo

    • Centre of the widespread Kaokoland and home of the Himba people
    • Massive termite nests

    Zone 70: Kunene / North West Namibia

    • Epupa Falls
    • Nomadic Himba People
    • Cinderella Wax Bill

    Zone 71: Epupa

      Epupa Falls-37m
    • Waterfall surrounded by an arid desert landscape
    • Hartmanns and Marienfluss Valley

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