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DESTINATION 57: Swakopmund South

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Gourmet Coffee Bar & Bistro

On a cool misty morning, the Saint strolled into the Roastery and sat on his usual stool at the counter.  Always early morning, Always our first visit for the day... 

But this day was different.  This day he had an idea.  A concept that made perfect sense.  One that was built on Two Beards principles and had the potential to add a unique dimension.  The more we talked the more vivid the vision became.  A few short weeks later, Two Beards and a Saint became a reality.  A reality that has become yet another delightful entity for you to enjoy.  Shrouded in natural luxury - calling on you to relax.  To take a moment.  To make the most of that moment!

Welcome to Two Beards and a Saint Gourmet Coffee Bar and Bistro...There is no other way to describe the Saint.  Passionate! Passionate about his family! Passionate about food! Passionate about life!

Having an extensive career in some of the more exclusive restaurants and hotels in South Africa, Italy and Namibia, Radley is loving the opportunity to bring his unique personality and unusual ideas to the Swakopmund market and visitors to Namibia.  His ability to develop and pair flavours is certainly a highlight and something we like to share with a great sense of pride...


Unit 6 Eastern Concepts, 5 Einstein Street

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