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DESTINATION 3: Windhoek South East


Namibia, the Destination for your next Blockbuster !

Namibia is a gem for those in search of the unexplored and wilderness.

Namibia is a large country with one of the lowest population densities in the world and bizarre desert scenery on Africa's south-west coast. Although not as well known as some of its African neighbours, which has enjoyed more than a decade of stability since achieving Independence.

Namibia is a desert country, offering breathtaking landscapes such as the Namib Desert which is said to be the oldest in the world, with its high dunes and inspiring sense of space. The central plateau with its typical African thorn bush savannah and rugged mountains rising abruptly from the plains giving way to the majestic Fish River Canyon in the south. The northern landscapes range from dense bush and open plains of the great Etosha Pan, to woodland, savannah, flood plains and lush vegetation. The people of Namibia are diverse and interesting. They include one of the oldest cultures on earth: the San or "Bushman" people.

The history of Namibia has resulted in a peculiar cultural mix. Parts of the country still have a German colonial atmosphere and culture with a fascinating mix of indigenous cultures and modern livestyle. Namibia boasts a proud record of uninterrupted peace and stability has a remarkable infrastructure which includes an expanding road network, public railway system, public and private airfields, modern medical facilities with efficient emergency response units. An international telecommunication network allows constant contact and information exchange with the rest of the world.


22°34'47.8"S 17°05'25.2"E

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