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DESTINATION 54: Lüderitz


Bogenfels, Lüderitz to Walvis, Saddle Hill

Self drive guided tours  •  Spectacular scenery   •  Unbelievable 4 x 4 trails   •   Untouched beaches  •   Wildlife in the Desert


Bogenfels is the famous rock arch with one foot in the sea and the other on land. It's about 60 metres high. The trip is a day tour in the Sperrgebiet area where De Beers are still currently mining and the tour includes the old Ghost Towns of Pomona and Bogenfels with old mining equipment from the 1910-30's time during which the Germans discovered the first diamonds in the area and the harsh conditions lived and operated under.


This tour is a 4 day trip and approximately 450km's.This 4x4 route will take you to Saddle Hill base camp, where you spend 3 nights and from where daily 4x4 sightseeing trips will be done up and down the coast. Shipwrecks & wildlife will be explored.Dune driving and 4 x 4 teaching will be given by our guides, so even novice drivers can join our trips.


The adventure starts at Lüderitz, where the group assembles the evening before, for dinner (included in the price of the tour) and a briefing. The venue and time will be confirmed beforehand with clients. Participants have to organise their own accommodation at Luderitz).


26°39'12.9"S 15°09'27.7"E

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