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DESTINATION 38: Red Kalahari


Torgos Safari Lodge and Camping, Mata Mata, Kgalagadi


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Torgos Safari Camp offers what few others can.

The farm is situated along the border of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, close to the Mata Mata Gate. The Auob River, which is dry for most of the time, passes through this area.

The camp consists of 4 Luxury Tents en suite as well as 2 Luxury Bungalows en-suite. The units are far enough apart to provide total privacy. The Lapa provides a bar, dining and lounge facilities, while the boma provide an outdoor barbecue and enjoyment for star-lit evenings. Wildlife at Torgos is abundant and includes Oryx, Eland and other species. Lion, Cheetah and Spotted Hyena also pass through occasionally.

Vier Luxuxzelte und zwei Luxusbungalows, alle en-suite, sind vorhanden und weit genug voneinander entfernt um Privatsphäre zu garantieren. Die Lapa beinhaltet eine Bar, Ess- und Wohnraum während die Boma Grillplatz mit Sternenhimmel garantiert. Flüge über die Namibwüste können organisiert werden.


7km from Mata Mata border entry.

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