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Instructions: Travel Planner

You can book your accommodation for an entire trip using our Travel Planner, as well activities and services (restaurants, etc).

  • You can Plan a trip OR just browse Accommodation, Activities and Services.

  • Step 1. Click on a Stamp

  • Step 2. Enter Start and End dates of trip  

  • Step 3. Select Accommodation, Activity or Service  

  • Step 4. Add to Itinerary  

  • Step 5. Complete the booking enquiry OR save your trip plan.  

Please note:

  1. You can also book activities and services (restaurants, etc) using our Trip Planner.
  2. You need to only book accommodation for those days you will actually OVERNIGHT. 
  3. The Trip Planner requires a wider screen and is best viewed on a tablet or desktop computer. It might be difficult to use all the features on a phone or other small device.

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