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 Visiting Namibia’s premier holiday resort is a tourism highlight. Swakopmund, lovingly nicknamed “Sleeping Beauty” as it is frequently enveloped in mist, is an ideal location for the visitor who wants to explore both the desert and the coast. Most visitors soon realise that they have allocated too little time to experience the many interesting sites this region offers. World renowned sites such as the magnificent Cape Cross fur seal colony, the Spitzkoppe, the Brandberg and Twyfelfontein Rock Art treasures, the Skeleton Coast with the legendary but skittish desert elephant, the Naukluft Park and the magnificent dune formations stretching as far as Sossusvlei, place this western region in prime preference class.
Walvis Bay
 Walvis Bay has capitalised on its well-endowed natural resources and scenic beauty. There is much to discover, learn, enjoy and appreciate. Visitors are treated with friendliness and every effort is made to ensure that they are comfortable - an unforgettable experience. One of the key attractions of this town is the remarkable natural lagoon. This tranquil stretch of water with its natural beauty is accentuated by thousands of flamingoes and other birds.
A place of rare beauty and windswept dunes, stark landscapes and jagged coastlines - a world of untamed natural beauty. Walvis Bay is situated on the south-west coast of Africa at the edge of the Namib desert and is Namibia’s principal port and growth centre. Walvis Bay’s rich natural resources and strategic location provide the basis for tourism and industrial development. The existing environment of growth and prosperity has already contributed to unprecedented interest both nationally and internationally. Seen as the gateway to central and southern Africa, Walvis Bay is on the threshold of a prosperous and dynamic future.
 Lüderitz was named after Adolf Lüderitz, who started a trading station in 1883. Diamonds were discovered in the early 1900’s and due to the great diamond boom, the luxurious town of Kolmanskop was built, today a ghost town. Later, more diamonds and a richer field were found further south and it was then that Kolmanskop was deserted and became the ghost town as it is today. Lüderitz itself is a lovely town renowned for its old world charm and distinct German architecture. Lüderitz offers a variety of excellent restaurants, especially for seafood lovers and you will experience the true warm & friendly hospitality of this town. The vibrant harbour is constantly full of life & excitement with fishing boats arriving & departing throughout the day with freshly caught fish being unloaded and transported away. Lüderitz is home to a variety of aquatic bird life including large numbers of flamingoes, cormorants and seagulls. Seals and dolphins are often seen playing amongst the waves in the bay. The magnificent coastline is decorated with beautiful uncrowded beaches and secluded bays to explore. Galjoen, steenbras, rock lobster and dassie are amongst the most common species found in these waters.

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