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For ease of reference, we divided Namibia into 7 main regions as well as the most common routes leading into Namibia. Each region is described in more detail below.
Benguela Coastline
Kalahari Desert
Mountain Kingdom
Namib Nama and Succulent Karoo Desert Wetlands Paradise
 From the diamond-rich Sperrgebiet in the south to the inhospitable coastline of the Skeleton Coast, the Namibian coastline along the cold Atlantic ocean is an ideal holiday and tourist destination. Swakopmund and Henties Bay are popular holiday resorts for both tourists and locals as they offer a welcome relief from the hot interior of the country. Both shore fishing and boat fishing are rated amongst the best in the world. Walvis Bay is seen as the gateway to central and Southern Africa due to its port. A natural lagoon, which is a RAMSAR protected site, hosts thousands of flamingoes and other sea birds. In the vibrant harbour of Lüderitz fishing boats are unloading their daily catch. This jewel in the desert has experienced a recent revival with its developing waterfront. The Namib Desert exhibits astounding plant, insect and animal life that have uniquely adapted to this age-old landscape of sand. The Atlantic Ocean offers interesting marine excursions, eg. boat cruises, kayak rowing, surf & boat angling. One of the main attractions of Namibia’s coast is its outstanding angling potential, whether from the beach or off small boats, and diving for rock lobster. Popular species are kabeljou, galjoen, blacktail, steenbras, geelbek and white stumpnose. The main angling season is from November to March, and as these are also the hottest months in the interior, Namibians depart in large numbers to the coast to enjoy the cool climate created by the Atlantic’s cold Benguela Current.
Henties Bay
 Henties Bay is situated along the National West Coast Recreation Area and can be reached by the C34 salt road via Swakopmund or the D1913 gravel road via the Spitzkoppe. It is a popular angling resort and an excellent base from which to explore the Namib Desert.
Long Beach
Long Beach, a popular holiday resort, is situated between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and offers 2 restaurants, tidal pools for the children, playgrounds as well as fishing and crayfishing during season. Many tours are offered on and
around Long Beach.

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