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Mountain Kingdom

North of Karibib and Usakos, is one of Namibia's most popular tourist draw-cards, the volcanic Erongo mountain range, of which the western peaks rise 2,320m above sea level. This roughly circular massif, dominates the flat plains west of Omaruru and gives the Erongo region its name. The Erongo Mountains are flanked by the Namib Desert to the west and a mixed, woodland savannah to the east.

The Spitzkoppe, is a group of bald granite peaks or Inselbergs located between Usakos and Swakopmund in the Namib desert of Namibia. The granite is more than 120 million years old and the highest outcrop rises about 1,784 metres above sea level. The peaks stand out dramatically from the flat surrounding plains

The Gamsberg, Namibia’s largest table mountain, has a 2.5 km long and 800 m wide plateau. With extremely low air disturbances, the area offers approximately 220 suitable stargazing nights per year. Visitors to Gamsberg can make use of the facilities at the German International Amateur Observatory, which is equipped with a 70cm telescope for observations and photography.

The heart of Namibia, its capital town Windhoek, possesses an unique charm due to its harmonious blend of African and European cultures and the friendliness of its people. It proves to be a strategic point from which to conduct business, or even to embark on your own Namibian adventure.

Zone 1: Windhoek North East

  • Windhoek Supreme Court
  • Gourmet meals
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Desert house
  • Windhoek Aloe Forest
  • Avis Dam
  • Birdwatching
  • Christus Kirche
  • Alte Feste
  • en route to Etosha

Zone 2: Windhoek North West

  • Beautiful Herero woman
  • Small products to buy for back-home
  • Katutura craft market
  • Meteorite displays
  • Trans Namib Museum
  • en route to Swakopmund

Zone 3: Windhoek South East

  • Stunning Views
  • Wonderful Architecture
  • Eros Mountains
  • Truck port
  • Craft Market
  • en route to Kalahari

Zone 4: Windhoek South West

  • Auas Mountains
  • Craft centre
  • Geological Museum
  • en route to Sossusvlei

Zone 5: Windhoek Surrounds South

  • Variety of game farms including big cats of Africa
  • Close to Windhoek but also in the wilderness

Zone 6: Khomas Hochland / Windhoek Surrounds North

  • Otjihavera Mountains
  • Rugged Khomas Hochland
  • Kupferberg Pass
  • Variety of Ecological Excursions
  • Abundance of Wildlife
  • Windhoek Green Belt Landscape Conservation Area

  • Zone 7: International Airport

    • 40km outside of Windhoek due to mountainous terrain
    • Namibia's Hosea Kutako International Airport
    • The cleanest and passenger safest in Africa

    Zone 8: Gamsberg

    • Star gazing Mecca with minimal contamination by pollution
    • Almost no artificial lighting and cloudless skies
    • The brightest star in the sky - ACRUX
    • Namibia's Table Mountain
    • Gamsberg Mountain (2347m) and Pass

    Zone 9: Swakopriver Valley

    • Chemical erosion sculptures
    • Quiver trees
    • Bushman Art
    • Exceptional Scenery
    • Impressive Rock Formations

    Zone 10: Okahandja / Von Bach Dam

    • Von Bach Dam
    • Natural stone walls
    • Variety of Lodges
    • Wildlife and spectacular scenery

    Zone 11: Erongo Mountains

    • Giant Rock Boulders
    • Spitskoppe (1728m)
    • High Inselmountain (Matterhorn of Namibia)
    • Phillips Caves
    • Bull's party

    Zone 12: Omaruru

    • Artist Town of Namibia
    • Omaruru artist trail
    • Franke Tower (1904)
    • Chocolate factory
    • Unique root carving

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