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Benguela Coastline

From the diamond-rich Sperrgebiet in the south to the inhospitable coastline of the Skeleton Coast, the Namibian coastline along the cold Atlantic ocean is an ideal holiday and tourist destination.

The coastal towns offer many different types of accommodation facilities. Walvis Bay is seen as the gateway to central and Southern Africa due to its port. A natural lagoon, which is a RAMSAR protected site, hosts thousands of flamingoes and other sea birds.

The Namib Desert exhibits astounding plant, insect and animal life that have uniquely adapted to this age-old landscape of sand. The Atlantic Ocean exhibits interesting marine excursions, eg. boat cruises, kayak rowing, surf & boat angling.

One of the main attractions of Namibia's coast is its outstanding angling potential, whether from the beach or off small boats, and diving for rock lobster. Popular species are kabeljou, galjoen, blacktail, steenbras, geelbek and white stumpnose.

Diamonds were discovered in the early 1900's and due to the great diamond boom, the luxurious town of Kolmanskop was built, today a ghost town. Later, more diamonds and a richer field were found further south and it was then that Kolmanskop was deserted and became the ghost town as it is today.

Zone 54: Lüderitz

  • Diaz Cross at Diaz Point (1488)
  • Historical Buildings from early 1900's
  • Goerkehaus built in 1909
  • Felsenkirche (1912)
  • Ghost town Kolmanskop
  • Crayfish
  • Birds: Caspian Tern, Jackass Penguin

Zone 55: Walvis Bay

  • Watersport Activity mecca of Namibia
  • Biggest salt works in Africa
  • Dune 7
  • Sandwich Harbour
  • Walvis Bay Wetlands and Lagoon (Ramsar Site since 1971)
  • Haven for ±6800 birds in winter and ±160 000 in summer

Zone 56: Longbeach

  • Twin oceans water and sand
  • Peaceful accommodation between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay
  • Dune Activities

Zone 57: Swakopmund south

  • Namibia's premier holiday resort
  • Historical German-style buildings

Zone 58: Swakopmund north

  • Namibia's premier holiday resort
  • Jewellery shopping mecca
  • Biggest crystal cluster on display in the world
  • Large variety of activities

Zone 59: Hentiesbay

  • Lichen Fields - more than 200 endemic lichen species
  • Shore Fishing Paradise
  • Shore angling tours and various desert excursions
  • Various 4x4 routes (Omaruru river, salt mine, Doros crater)

Zone 60: Cape Cross

  • Large seal colony - up to 260 000 seals at any given time
  • Abundance of Welwitschia plants
  • Various 4x4 routes (Messum Crater, Ugab Menhir, Brandberg West)

Zone 61: Skeleton Coast

  • Shore Fisherman's Paradise
  • Various shipwrecks
  • Coloured volcanic rock and extensive mountain ranges

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