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DESTINATION 4: Windhoek South West


We do vehicle collections in Botswana.

Add Mufasa Car Rental & Safaris to your Itinerary

Welcome to Mufasa Car Rental & Safaris based in Windhoek, Namibia. Home to one of the oldest deserts in the world.Namibia prides itself for its spectacular views over vast open landscapes and boundless horizons.

We are outdoor, nature, off-road, 4x4 and camping enthusiasts assisting you to experience the true Namibian adventure.

Self-drive tours are becoming a popular way to explore Namibia and beyond. Rent one of our 4x4 vehicles and travel independently to your choice of destinations, timing and bookings.Alternatively we can plan the best routes, choice of destinations and confirm your accommodation booking for Namibia and Botswana.

We offer 4x4 vehicles to hire.

Option 1: 4x4 Car Rental 

Our Nissan Double Cad 4x4’s are the perfect vehicles for Southern African roads to explore more remote areas. Our vehicles are equipped with a canopy, fridge, spare tyre, 2.5L diesel engine, manual gear transmission, a 140L fuel tank, air-conditioning and CD player.

Option 2: 4x4 Car Rental – Fully equipped

When camping is part if your itinerary for Namibia or Botswana, our Nissan Double Cab 4x4’s are the most popular vehicles perfect for camping. Up to 4 adults can be comfortably accommodated. Our vehicles are equipped with a canopy, 1 or 2 rooftop tents and the option of all camping equipment needed to make your journey a comfortable, unforgettable experience.    

Want to experience the full majesty of Namibia and explore some of its hidden treasures, on a 4x4 convoy safari where you will find yourself or Namibia will find you? We offer self-drive guided safaris. You travel in a group of vehicles (convoy) which is led by a guide vehicle. You can choose to drive your own vehicle or hire one from us. This way you experience a journey of a lifetime and the best experience  of Namibian roads and challenges with the guidance of an experienced off road local.  


94 Fritsche Street, Pionierspark, Windhoek

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