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DESTINATION 57: Swakopmund South


Scenic , Photographic, Day and Overnight Excursion Flights.

Add Bateleur Helicopters Swakop to your Itinerary

Bateleur Helicopters is a Namibian owned and managed company with 20+ years’ experience in the Tourism industry, offering scenic flights in Namibia. We combined the experience from the tourism industry and started with helicopter flights at Sossusvlei Lodge, where we offered scenic flights and photographic flights to Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. In December 2016 we opened another base in Swakopmund, offering scenic flights along the Namib Coastline, as well.
Bateleur Helicopters is a Namibian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) certified Public Transport Company situated in Swakopmund, offering our flights from the Swakopmund Airstrip according to Municipal requirements.
Our vision is to provide our guests with a world-class experience to view the majestic Namib Coast from above.
ROUTE 1 – DUNE 7 30 MIN Take off at Swakopmund Airstrip and fly over the majestic Dune landscape all the way to Dune 7. Turn around and enjoy the flight along the coast past Long Beach, over Swakopmund River Mouth and a part of Swakopmund before landing again at the Airstrip.
ROUTE 2 – MOON LANDSCAPE 30 MIN Take off at Swakopmund Airstrip and fly along the Swakop River toward the mountain ranges where the Swakop River has carved and eroded the landscape into the stark, bare, inhospitable looking “moon landscape. This area is quite popular in the Film Industry which regularly visit it. And return alongside the Swakop River again. There is a chance to see some animal life along this river.
ROUTE 3 – PELICAN POINT 60 MIN This scenic flight takes off from Swakopmund Airstrip and flies over the Dune Landscape, over the Bird Sanctuary, past the Lagoon and salt fields, along the Peninsula strip that protects the bay and lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean. Fly over this historic landmark right to the tip and turn around for a flight over a shipwreck and jetty. Enjoy a view of the birdlife and seals while returning back to Swakopmund Airstrip.
ROUTE 4 – SANDWICH HARBOR 1HOUR 20 MIN Take off from Swakopmund Airstrip and fly over the Dune Landscape, over the Bird Sanctuary, past the Lagoon and salt fields, through the Kuiseb River Basin where there is a chance to spot animal life, alongside the coast until you reach the famous Sandwich Harbor. Enjoy the view of bird life in this remote area which is part of the National Park. Turn around and return the flight along the coast past Walvis Bay towards Swakopmund Airstrip.
ROUTE 5 – EDUARD BOHLEN WRECK 2 HOURS Dune Landscape, Kuiseb River, Eduard Bohlen wreck, Shawnee Wreck, Sandwich harbor, Kuiseb River Mouth, Walvis Bay Salt fields, Long Beach, Swakopmund The best ride to the Skeleton Coast!!
DAY EXCURSIONS & OVERNIGHT OPTIONS At the following locations we can arrange overnight stays for you as well as day excursions. Enjoy the scenic flights to these amazing locations within Namibia.


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