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North of Karibib and Usakos, is one of Namibia's
most popular tourist draw-cards, the volcanic Erongo
mountain range, of which the western peaks rise
2,320m above sea level. This roughly circular massif,
dominates the flat plains west of Omaruru and gives
the Erongo region its name. The Erongo Mountains are
flanked by the Namib Desert to the west and a mixed,
woodland savannah to the east.
The Spitzkoppe, is a group of bald granite peaks or
Inselbergs, located between Usakos and Swakopmund
in the Namib desert of Namibia. The granite is more
than 120 million years old and the highest outcrop rises
about 1,784 metres above sea level. The peaks stand
out dramatically from the flat surrounding plains.
The Gamsberg, Namibia’s largest table mountain, has
a 2.5 km long and 800 m wide plateau. With extremely
low air disturbances, the area offers approximately
220 suitable stargazing nights per year. Visitors
to Gamsberg can make use of the facilities at the
German International Amateur Observatory, which is
equipped with a 70cm telescope for observations and
The heart of Namibia, its capital town Windhoek,
possesses an unique charm due to its harmonious blend
of African and European cultures and the friendliness of
its people. It proves to be a strategic point from which
to conduct business, or even to embark on your own
Namibian adventure.

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