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We have divided Namibia into a number of regions:
Etosha, Kalahari Desert, Kaokoland,
Namib, Nama & Succulent Karoo Desert,
Wetlands Paradise, Benguela Coastline, Cape to Namibia
Each region is further divided into various tourism zones each with its unique tourist attraction and the zones are listed alphabetically within a region.
When planning your itinerary consult the time distance table on the fold out map in the back. The distance is given in the time required to travel as calculated for the average tourist rather than in kilometers as this usually depends on not only road conditions but also on the number of attractions en route. Make sure that you plan sufficient time to travel and stop along the way. Remember it’s not the destination but the journey that counts.
Every zone provides information on a number of campsites on offer within that zone. A detailed zone map with an approximate indication of the location of the campsites is also provided.
It is recommended to make advance bookings especially during peak season.
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