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 Namibia’s Southern Region is one of the landscapes making the difference to the Namibian destination. No big game, no massive herds of antelopes, but vast, empty, ever-changing landscapes. You will find peace and tranquility by the changing colours in this pristine wilderness. There are signs of human activities but they only emphasise that nature dictates the course.
 The well known dunes of Sossusvlei, the Fish River Canyon, the hot springs of Ai-ais are only a few of nature’s spectacular experiences to encounter. Other well-known destinations include the Quivertree forest, Giant’s Playground, the Brukaros, a mass of dark coloured lava, wild desert horses around Aus, and Duwisib, a castle built by Baron von Wolf for his American wife. For the active traveller there are various activities, including hikes in the Fish River Canyon, hot air ballooning over the dunes, or challenging 4x4 trails in the Naukluft. Many activities round off the picture of the South. Ballooning around Sossusvlei and challenging hikes through the Naukluft Mountains with the ever flowing springs.
 From one-day hikes to an eight-day hike for the really fit take you away into breathtaking wilderness. 4x4 Enthusiasts should try some of the official roads in the Kalahari for a challenge. Take an Uri, a Namibian built desert vehicle, to discover the two deserts, or try the Naukluft 4x4 Trail with your own. For a real get away, hike through the Namib Desert in Namibia’s biggest private nature reserve, the Namib Rand. Let nature dictate your day as the road becomes the goal whilst finding tranquillity for the soul in the south.

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